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New website for Argo

The client is a russian wholesaler focused on disposable products for hotels and resorts. The product range consists of towels, robes, soaps, shampoo and other self care products. The client already had a website but there was problems with the catalogue and inconvenient interface. The idea was to create a beatiful modern UI, improve the interface and optimize the website for search engines.


For the new designs we decided to play with the color palette of the products, since the user will see them all the time on the website.

The products of Argo were white for the most part so we strongly recommended to use a photographer to create the visuals for the catalogue. We hired the specialist and made sure that every produc fits well to the website.

In such manner the products not only look good but actually become a part of the design itself. The contrast of white and black along with gold accents looks stylish and creates the look and feel of a clean product.

Fundamental problems of the old website

One of the main problems was the lack of practical catalogue. There were no images, no division into categories, it was just a table with product names without any description.

Needless to say this approach negatively affected the sales since not many users wanted to purchase something "blindly". We found many mistakes in the code of the website, that damaged SEO. Most obvious mistakes were the lack of information on the pages and the lack of the company information.

Creating the catalogue

We developed a variety of solutions:

For each product we added the description to tell the user more about the product. It's easy to manage it from the control panel.

Added a section that displays the range of prices for a product. Something you rarely see on retail websites.

Now users can see the images of the products in high resolution in order to make sure that the products have the best quality.

We added a buttons to control the number products that being added to the cart. It's a convenient solution for a wholesale company.

Added the ability create a print version the catalogue with a single click for a button.


We were the ones who designed the logo for Argo. Since the name of the company was related to the ancient greek mythology we decided that logo should reflect it.

We spent over a month the work experimenting with ancient greek ornaments and the story of argonauts.

Color palette


Sales grew bigger

After conduction search engine optimization we've managed to bring the Argo website to the top of Google and Yandex for a range of keywords, such as "terry slippers". Good SEO, modern stylish design, the work on usability all those things made the sales grow 3 times in just a couple of weeks.