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About Genieme

What is Genieme? It's a magic lamp in your hands. It cannot fulfill all your desires, but if you want to have a nice travel or get somewhere for a weekend, away from routine and blues then it's an app for you!


The idea is to create a mobile app for the IOS platform to search for flights and book the tickets. It should beautiful design and be simple so anyone could use it. The app should do something that nobody else does, searching within a radius. This thing is hard to achieve because of the internal structure of the global air booking distribution systems providers.

Simple to Use

We made the interface simple and convenient. It's hard to find a user that will require help with this app.

You just enter the number of passengers, the budget and the length of flight, then we get you the list of places that fit your search parameters. The standard way of search when you simply set the origin and destination is also available for the users.

Working with Color

The main colors of the design is black and yellow. Yellow color is beautiful on it's own, but when it is combined with black it makes it attract attention. That's why they use black and yellow for the road signs.

Visual Design

The app has elegant design with thin lines. We are using vivid pictures for the places that user are able to travel in order to create desire to make purchase right away. When we worked on this app 2 of our developers took a little vacation. That is how strong the visual component of the app.


One of Genieme feature is that it's not just an ticket aggregator but we actually process the payments. This approach allows us to find and book an itinerary without redirecting the user somewhere else. It's extremely convenient to the users since we keep everything in one place and they feel safe.

Another feature is that Genieme offer the radial search. It's a unique feature since most of other providers allow only to search using the origin and destination. Unlike those we offer the user a list of places that fit to his criteria..

Payment system

We integrated 2 payment systems into the application:

1. Stripe;

2. Direct credit card processing with Sabre;

We use Stripe in most of our projects since it's very user-friendly and has a great support. Sabre is a global distribution system that provides their clients with travel information.

Sabre gives the ability to book air tickets and fill out all the needed paperwork. It has an extremely complicated API that could be taught to computer science students on the course of History of Computing.


We made a huge work on this app and we were about to release it before the corona virus struck. It's already available on Appstore. If you want to try it out you can learn more here