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About Inforum

Inforum is a regional internet provider, that has thousand of clients that are legal entities and natural persons. Using top notch technologies the company provides high quality service and support for its' clients.


The client needed a website that has corporate and stylish design and gives abilities to: choose the subscription plan, post news, find the connected building.


When we created the design we used the brand colors. The website has classic corporate style. We integrated a speedtest on the website and made a system that allowed to track the connected building and display it to the user on a map.

Users can enter their address and see if their building is connected. Also we created a fully fledged news blog and added the ability to make payments via Visa and Mastercard.

Colors of the website


PF DinText Pro

Other pages

The website has many informational pages for different kinds of users such as the business page for corporate clients.

There is a page where users can learn more about the company's plans and pick the most appealing one. We made multiple ways to get in touch with the company.


The website became more appealing and corporate. We added a lot solutions for the users that are simple to use but were quite hard to develop even though the result is worth it. The projects works well and give a lot of people a joy of the internet and IP television.