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Main goal of the project:

Before our team there was the task to develop a website for a company that conducts tutoring and training for debt collectors.


We developed a corporate website that precisely reflects the focus of the comany. Designs are made using the corporate style with blue tones that are in tune with the logo.


Roboto Bold
– 45px
Roboto Medium
– 30px
Roboto Regular
– 18px

Color palette



The home page is stylish and informative. It tells the visitors about the advanteges of the company and effectiveness of the tutoring. For convenience of the users we incorporated the Frequently Asked Questions block and added a contact form to receive feedback from users. Users are contacted via email or their phone number.

Responsive Design

We made sure it's possible to use the website on any device and operating system. The mobile version has all the features that available for the desktop version.

User Profile

On the website there's a private area (User Profile) in which user can download video materials and get information about the course.


We received positive feedback from our client regarding this website. He has stated that the user profile is convenient and the design is beautiful and easy to use.