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The idea of the project is to make a platform that allows the users to purchase traveling quests in towns to learn more about the history of the town. Such game approach makes traveling way more interesting and makes the history interact with the traveller.


Since most of the visits will be from mobile devices we did our best to make it easy to use from phones and tablets. Since there were a lot of people with outdated smart phones we tried to avoid animations and any approaches that could put extra load on the device.

We wanted the website to be warm, friendly and yet modern.

How it works

The administrator can add new quests (and edit old ones) in the control panel, edit questions, set the price and browse the statistics

Each quest has it's own page where the user can see the estimated time needed to accomplish, the length of the route and the beginning of the route on a map.

We integrated Robokassa payment system into the app. After a purchase the user gets a unique code that will give the access to the quest.


During the quest user are being told a story and learn interesting facts about buildings and places around him. From time to time there are questions that check if the user pays attention to the quests. The stories filled with images if the user struggles with a question there are options to get a hint or just skip it. At the end of the quest user can see their score and share the result in social networks.

Adaptive Design

The website is developed using responsive HTML. This approach allows to use the website on desktop computers, tablets and phones. Also it gives the position on Google search since this approach is modern and search engines take it into the account.