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The goal:

Search Engine Optimization is a popular business and as a result it's extremely competitive. Because of that we've set the goal to create vibrant website that easily imprints into memory.

Fonts & Colors &

We based the style of the website on the existing logo and colors of the company. Thoroughly chosen fonts and vivid corporate style naturally increase attractiveness of the website. Even though the website is vivid it doesn't obstruct users from focusing on the content.

Roboto Bold
Roboto Regular
Roboto Light

Desktop Version D

On the stage of design we created an agile hierarchy of objects. All elements of the website work exactly as the user expects. On each page there are sections clicking on which the user gets on an internal page and then goes back to home using a convenient navigation. On Verbolia website it's easy to contact a manager or find information about the company and its' news.

Adaptive Design A

It's possible to browse the website from any device including cell phones. Depending on a platform the layout changes but still remains comfortable. Doesn't matter if it is a desktop PC, phone or a tablet..

The Outcome R

Vivid and inspiring website of Verbolia is a work that brought us a lot of joy. The result was a modern and unique website with thoroughly conducted SEO and adapted to phones and tables.