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Development Process

You control the development on every step!


First we're getting along with the idea. Some clients prefer to send the information via our contact form other prefet to give us a call. After this we organize meeting with the client and define what the project consists of, its' goals, what tools we are going to use and the cost.

Creating specification document

When we have the understanding of what we are going to develop we start to develop the specification. It's a document that thoroughly covers all the project details, deadlines and costs. Specification document is a roadmap for the project.

Contract signing and payment

When the specification document is signed off and the plan is clear usm it's time to sign the contract. After the contract is signed and first payment is transferred the development is started.


At this stage we create mockups(wireframes) for pages, creating blocks and defining the final design. A good prototype allows to visualize the idea for both the client and developers.

Active Development

The most boring stage for the client and the most important for us. This process takes the most time and here happens the magic of turning the idea into a top notch project.

Testing the product

When the project's design is ready we create a demo website for you to test the project. You will get the access and will be able to watch the development process almost online. In order to not undisclose any private information our demo website require authorization.

Signing off

When the development stage comes to the end we start the work on "polishing". It includes writing articles, creating content, creating marketing campaigns and working on search optimization. At this stage we work together with you, since you know your company like no one else.

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