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We develop web projects of any size and complexity


  • Web design
  • UI/UX
  • Landing pages

Web development

  • Adaptive HTML
  • Crossbrowser HTML

Mobile development

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  • Support
  • Project hosting

Working with Home Studio

Home-Studio team has years of field experience which makes any tasks possible. Is it a small corporate website, mobile app or huge e-commerce platform? Maybe it's all together? We can deliver everything you can think of within reasonable deadlines. We have a good number of projects done. cases in our portfolio. Take a look at our portfolio and make sure yourself.

  • Our projects are hosted on dedicated server with no limitations whatsoever. You'll forget about problems like closed outgoing SMTP ports or inability to run background processes.
  • Each project is running on it's own virtual machine. Your project will not slow down because of bad neighbors.
  • We're regularly test our services. Your emails will never be marked as spam.

Guarantee and support

Home-studio gives you one year guarantee for projects. It means that even after the active phase of development is done our developers will monitor the project and fix any technical problems. For that matter we developed a system that immediately notifies us about any disarrays in projects. It allows us to fix the probelms as soon as possible which is very important for any project and especially for e-commerce. Every project is backed up once in couple of days.

You will get fully functional control panel for the project, that allows you to browse statistics and control the hosting. It's a convenient way to deal with hosting if you have your own developers on board.

Individual design for every website and app

Considering even smallest details for every project


One of the features of our web agency is that we're open for partnerships

Digigrow is a digital agency based in Dublin, Ireland. Digigrow makes it's living with consulting in web industry and marketing. Sometimes we combine our forces in order to provide our clients with the best possible quality.

Digigrow and Home-Studio has many clients in Ireland and the United States.