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The Digibook project is a mobile app for gyms that gives them ability to schedule their classes for their visitors to book them.

If you are a gym or any other sport related company Digibook will make life easier for you. No subscriptions or annual payments. Just register for free and add your classes.


Develop a platform on which the companies can create events and the users will be able to easely book and pay for those events. The companies should be able to add coaches and track their bookings in the control panel.

Mobile Apps.

For this project we created 2 native mobile apps for Android and IOS. T

Digibook is the simplest online booking app in the world. It allows you to browse through gyms and other sport companies and book their classes in a couple of clicks.

Design and Development

The designs for the website is made in corporate style and has multiple call to action blocks. We tried to make interface as easy as possible to use for anyone.

There's a catalogue in which users can chose a company and browse through its' calendar. Besides of bookina an individual event it's also possible to book a bundle that may contain multiple events.


When we created the logo we used the brand colors of Digibook. The logo is based on the main function of the app: booking an event in the calendar. That's why we've chose such symbols as mark and calendar.


Futura is an elegant font that full of individuality.

Color palette

Responsive Design

Even though we developed mobile apps for Digibook we decided to work use responsive HTML in order to make the website great on mobile devices.

Search engines give the higher priority for mobile friendly websites. This is vital for Digibook since it was 2 target audiences:

1. Companies;

2. Users;

For Businesses

For the companies the registration process is harder, we should take more information siuch as their bank credentials, legal address and VAT number.

The owners are getting access to the control panel which allows them to create their schedules, events, assign coaches to those events and browse the statistics.

It's even possible to create bundles of events which can be either fixed price or subscription based.

For Users

Users have simplified registration process, we require only their password and email.

After the registration user can browse through the gyms and pick classes and bundles for themselves. Users can access their purchase history both on the website and in the mobile apps.

It is that simple!


The app was successfully released and made a lot of transactions in the first year. During the year we made a lot of improvements to the app such as offline access or access without registration.