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And Irish company that provides consulting services in IT and development of websites and mobile apps. At the moment we are in partnership with Digigrow and develop some projects together to insure the best quality. It's not an easy task to develop something for your partners. We had to be careful since you want to make it as good as possible and the project can get into a never ending loop and become unprofitable.

Design & Presentation

For the color palette we chose classic grey colors and added the bright green color that Digigrow uses for their brand. We wanted to create simplistic design to make the users focus on the company services. In order to keep the website alive we decided to add some animations and parallax scrolling.

Fonts & Colors
Aa Bb Cc Dd 0123456
Regular Bold Italic Bold
RGB 80 188 155
HEX 50bc9b
RGB 255 255 255
HEX ffffff
RGB 36 33 33
HEX 242121
RGB 150 215 195
HEX 96d7c3

Parallax Scrolling

The parallax effect is when the elements on a page move at different speeds. The background elements move at the slower speed giving an impression of being farther away. Such approach gives more depth to the website and makes it more interesting

Adaptive Design

Mobile Version

The mobile version is made using responsive HTML. This is the most common approach nowadays that is widely supported and it makes the website accessible from any device. For the mobile version we made another way of navigation, the mobile menu appears only when you hit the hamburger button at the top corner of the website.

The End


Both Digigrow and us are happy with the website. It does truly feel like a website focused on new technologies. The information about the services and cases are just a couple of clicks away from the homepage along with the contact form.