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Gym + Coffee

A small company located in Dublin, Ireland.

Inspired by sport and healthy life style they decided to create the brand and bring it to people

Gym+Coffee - not just a commercial project. This guys believe in themselves and working on development of a whole sport community. E-shop subscribers not only getting interesting newsletters but also communicate on social networks, share their photos and achievements.

Design and Development

When we developed the designs we considered that the project is not only pushing for sports, but in fact more about healthy lifestyle. This factor played a huge role in the design concept. We used softer colors relax users and dispose them for purchases. It's a compromise between aggressive sport designs and e-shops oriented for everyone.

Design came along perfectly

with the company logo

Color palette:


We knew that Gym + Coffee guys want not only a simple e-shop, but an actual community. We've offered the idea to give prizes to people that bring their friends to the community. It was hard to define what prizes should we offer for what number of invites and this lead us to hot discussions.

Finally stopped on these brackets:

5 invites

10 invites

25 invites


One of the big factors for the marketing campaign was security. Campaign went for more than a month and we were afraid that someone could exploit the rules to get more prizes. In order to avoid that, we tracked the IP adresses and made sure that all invites are actual people.

Invites counted up only if the user confirmed their email address and invited at least 1 more user to the platform. This approach allowed the user base to grow rapidly. The campaign instantly returned the investments and generated a serious number of sales in the first week after the website release.

Responsive HTML

We care not only for our clients but for their clients as well. For the website we developed the mobile version using responsive HTML.

It's twice as important for a company that has public relations in social networks since it increases the number of visits from mobile devices.

Open Graph

Since there's a news blog and community pages, we decided to improve sharing.

Thanks to the Open Graph technology when you share a link to it will go along with beautuful image and page description


Months of development


Sales in the first week


E-mails gathered